Bird Watching the Special Birds of the Region

Bird Watching the Special Birds of the Region

So far at Waterfall Hideout, guests have found 33 birds, so next time you stay why not do a spot of bird watching yourself and add to the checklist. Very specific to this area are Scenic Rim and Nightcap as key biodiversity areas and Nature’s Hotspots for bird watching.

The diversity of habitat in this region, covering coastal and inland areas, is reflected in its birdlife.  The endangered Regent Honeyeater, Crested Bellbird, Hall’s Babbler, and the elusive Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush all occur in the woodlands around the region.  You will also find populations of the Logrunner, Regent Bowerbird and Eastern Bristlebird a bit closer to the coast in this area. Find out where the Tweed Bird Walks are.

Tweed Caldera, Tweed Coast and it’s Northern Rivers are home to five species of beach-nesting birds, find out how to share the beach with them.  For more info go to Tweed River and Northern Rivers list for bird watching,  BIrds of Byron Shire or BirdLife  Australia

It’s up to us to find and protect the most important areas left for life on earth. Do you want to safeguard the future of Australia’s most precious natural areas? Many of the most important sites for nature across the world have already been mapped. Every one of these spots is irreplaceable, home to the birds and wildlife that make our country unique. There are Key Biodiversity Areas: Nature’s Hotspots right at our doorstep. 

There’s loads of Gardens to admire, Whale Watching to do, and Art Galleries to visit.  Take a scenic drive or if you’re feeling active, discover the Green Cauldron whilst Bike Riding.

There’s so much and so little to do,  but for starters… just relax, reconnect with nature, and rekindle with one another while staying at Waterfall Hideout.