Six Things Shop

Found a divine #gift and #homewaresstore up the Tweed coast… while you’re near our #pristine #northernnswbeaches pop in at  Six Things Shop to grab a #souvenir. Friendly owners& coffee is good too! #espressobar

The New Leaf

We can’t decide and neither will you. The food looks fabulous The New Leaf Cafe, any suggestions. Green Juice? Orange Cake? Vegie mixed plate? Felafel?

…….By the way the Thali Plate was deeeeelish!!

Cascading Creek

Need a break from the daily grind? Visualise yourself sitting by the  cascading creek, listening to the water flowing and the babbling brooks. This is only the front of the property at WATERFALL HIDEOUT-Rainforest Cabin…..there’s so much more to discover when you are here.

Bucks Farm

Ever eaten a horned melon? Tasted the tartness of finger limes? Bucks Farm  or as we know him, the Bush Tucker Man, has their own organic grown exotic fruits and vegetables, yummy homemade honey and jam. Can you believe they make body products  from  fruit grown on the farm.   You can even pick up a local paper and  local milk while you’re there too.  

Cudgen Creek

Beach walk and picnic in perfect weather. Cudgen Creek is super at high tide. Worth the  40 minute drive from Waterfall Hideout. @ Kingscliff Beach @Cudgen Creek