Chillingham Community Mad About Cows and Going Bananas

The Chillingham community is very diverse with people earning a living from aChillingham Community variety of sources. Farming is still a very important part of the local economy with the production of beef, dairy, bananas, vegetables, fruits and much more still ongoing in the district. Much of this produce can be obtained from local roadside stalls, where you pay on an honor system.

Chillingham village has a vibrant school and pre-school.

Chillingham’s Beantree Walk showcases village attractions.

Bucks Farm and Bushtucker Gardens

Chillingham Store

Butcher Shop Pottery

Local Park

Fire Brigade

Flute/Piano Workshop

Other local attractions


This information is provided by Chillingham Community Association.

There are a number of local attractions within Chillingham but if you’re looking for other experiences.